HR Giger's Necronom III
evolves into a diving bell

leading from

Necronom iii version II ( Dark Star HR Giger's world documentary version)

a) I began to think about how the final version of Necronom III had become more rounded and had the two leg like things sticking out at angles on either side that might also have developed from the head of a baby elephant linking with its mother's trunk.

b) On 9th January 2016, I found an image of an old rusting diving bell with supports that might be the sort of thing that would do, and there are many different types of diving bells and deep sea submersibles and it would be hard for me to date them. But at the bottom we have the diving bell from the 1960s TV series Voyage To The Bottom Of the Sea
Vintage diving bell at the MAST Academy campus.
diving bell from "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea"

recent photo of diving bell from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

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