Cover of The Pink Panther #33 (April 1976) references "L'Acier travaille" (1927) by Frantisek Kupka?

leading from

a) The Pink Panther #33 (April 1976)

b) Looking at  L'Acier Travaille (1927) by Frantisek Kupka which appears to be one of these usual pieces of artwork to reference, I started to notice some similarities worth exploring

L'Acier Travaille (1927)

c)  The left side of the painting caught my attention as I noticed how the front of the bike and the panther began to connect with details in the painting.

d) Here the central yellow ring in part of mechanism on upper left becomes the eye of the Pink Panther

e) So the mechanism in the left of the  middle becomes the wheel of the bike

f) The lower mechanisms would them become the car itself

g) Fan like form becomes tail

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