HR Giger:
Necronom IV references
Kuniyoshi's Penis Skeleton (1830)?

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 a) Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) by HR Giger
Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) by HR Giger
b) 24th June 2016. Noticing Kuniyoshi penis skeleton
I have been looking at giant skeletons in Japanese folk lore and then I see a giant skeleton with a phallic skull and an erect male member and then I start to think about Giger's Necronom IV. There is no certain way to compare the two, or make a claim that Giger might have referenced Japanese artist Kuniyoshi's work from the 19th century, but the Necronom IV's creature displays skeletal elements such as the exposed ribs and the phallic skeleton and an extended phallus. I recall back in 2009 when an exhibition of Kuniyoshi's work was held at the Royal Academy, seeing the drawing and asking the question about whether there was some sort of a connection there.

Kuniyoshi's Penis Skeleton (1830)

c) Attempting to make comparisons
The rear of Necronom IV's head shows a penis tip to it perhaps comparable to the penile cranium of the skeleton. Then the back pipes of the Necronom creature begin to suggest rib like structures with the black in between them. Perhaps the right eye socket with an open side begins to suggest the idea of the head shape and the upper support structure coming out of the upper back of the Necronom creature

Kuniyoshi penis skeleton's skull and Necronom IV penis like tip of the rear of the head

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