HR Giger's Mordor XII (1976)

leading from
a) (28th December 2015). Someone might have the flu. Is this about someone inhaling steam from a steam inhaler because of a severe cough or a bout of flu, and perhaps the device is also the trumpet of a gramophone player that's turning into a unicycle? Where the coughing reptile's beak ends along with the tip of what  might be a thermometre that has undergone a transformation into a curling work, and the grey bulbous tip where the mercury is contained becomes the opening of a nostril  while the fleshy surrounds becomes the the tip of the nose. The head of a Cthulhu like being with a face full of tentacles becomes a blanket or towel wrapped around the head.

b) (28th December 2015) The beaked face appears to resemble a skull he painted for National Park  from the previous year being 1975, which has the back of the mouth begins with teeth and then continues to the top as a beak

Beaked heads from Mordor XII (1976) and National Park  (1975)

c) References illustration from Linda C. Cain and Susan Rosenbaum's "Blast Off" (1973) by Leo and Diane Dillon ?

d) HR Giger: Mordor XII (1976) references Francis Bacon's Study For A Bullfight no.1 (1969)?


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