HR Giger's Witches Dance (1977)
inspired by Marcel Duchamp's Fountain (1917)

leading from
Marcel Duchamp with Fountain (1917)

a) The Fountain
The central piece of Witches Dance is a transformed Marcel Duchamp's Fountain (1917) that consists of a urinal placed on its back, and became an icon of the twentieth century from the Dada period.  The original was lost and so a 1964 replica is displayed in its place. For more information about Duchamp's piece see: and

Toilet bowl/urinal from "Witches Dance" and Marcel Duchamp's  "Fountain"

b) Giger's transformations
I had suspected for quite for some months that this was about Marcel Duchamp's Fountain but I didn't really know how to fit that into place until I made the other main discovery about it. For his painting Giger had turned it into a toilet with the upper part of the urinal as displayed turned into the toilet seat, before incorporating and merging it with features from Max Ernst's "Robing of the Bride". The line of drainage holes has been turned into a vagina. The podium has been replaced by something from Giger's biomechanical imagination.

HR Giger's Witches Dance (acrylic on paper on wood) (200x140) (work 341) (1977)

Tate Modern replica (1964)

Duchamp's Fountain (1917)

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