Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train bomb references Felt Pen Drawing (work 147) by Giger

leading from
detail from drawing by Giger from 1971 and front of Kirby's Lemurian train bomb (1977)

a) Jack Kirby appeared to  like the shapes from Giger's (work 147) but getting to that point one might take a look at how this certain drawing by Giger was inspired by the vacuum cleaner drawing from "Our Man From Havanna" and then become enthusiastic about horizontal vacuum cleaners on sale and then start to think that Kirby's Lemurian train bomb was in on what was behind Giger's drawing and then draw a vehicle that was almost just a futuristic looking vacuum cleaner.

(See also: Alien: From "Our Man In Havana" to the Derelict Ship exterior)

Lemurian Train Bomb

Felt Pen Drawing by Giger (work 147) (1971)

b) Perhaps also one might consider that horizontal vacuum cleaners were looking more and more like futuristic spaceships or trains.

Electrolux Silverado Deluxe canister vacuum circa 1972 to 1975
( source: http://breakingyard.blogspot.co.uk)


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