Dead astronaut in Landscape (work 385)(1978) by HR Giger for Alien references Roman Envoy thrown out of his litter in "Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield"(originally published in Pilote in 1967)?

a)  Landscape (work 385)(1978) by HR Giger for Alien


b) References panel from "Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield" p20 (originally published in Pilote in 1967) where a Roman envoy lies on the ground after being thown out of his litter by the character Obelix? 

So this sort of comparison begins to present the Space Jockey's civilsation landing on the planetoid as near enough invading Romans. 

It doesn't tie in with Dan O'Bannon's original script, but during development, I would like to think it might have been part of the thinking that Ridley Scott and Giger were working with to develop the visuals. 

Still even in O'Bannon's script, with the ever present remains of this little alien civilisation around the planetoid in their sleeping forms, they still live, they are a force to contend with perhaps as much as Asterix and the other Gauls



c) The Roman Envoy and the dead space jockey on the landscape that by the time of Prometheus we might consider to be a completely empty Engineer flight suit unceremoniously dumped on the landscape.

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