Alien: HR Giger's landscape (work 385)(1978)

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a) Landscape (work 385)(1978) by HR Giger for Alien

Giger's landscape (work 385) (1978) for Alien



b) See: References image of Christ taken down from the Cross?


c) See References photo of Doctor Bronowski at the Salk Institute in the Radio Times for November 3rd 1973?

d) See:  References "Chesley Bonestell's "Stone Architecture On Mars, demonstrating Mars' Two-Thirds Less Gravity Than Earth's."?


e) See: Landscape (work 385)(1978) by HR Giger for Alien references "Armorican forest" playscene for Weetabix Asterix Friends & Foes standup figures and action scene sets (1975)?



f) See: Dead alien astronaut in Landscape (work 385)(1978) by HR Giger forAlien references Roman Envoy thrown out of his litter in "Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield"(originally published in Pilote in 1967)?

g) See: Alien: Alien corpse detail (work 386) (1978) by HR Giger

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