The Sudanese

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  1. Dan O'Bannon: Finally he bought this big expensive picture book on some part of Africa, (see  image for a photograph from Leni Riefenstahl Nuba) it was photographs of some of the remaining native tribe that has somewhat primitive lifestyle.  There were all these really striking colour photographs and this particular tribe has a striking appearance.  They're all very tall and very black and there were some very, very impressive photographs of these tall, thin powerful-looking men with very supple, gleaming muscles.  They're very graceful, sort of sensual, and at the same time powerful and handsome, but almost ethereal, almost not human - very striking. That image burned itself into Ridley's brain, he liked that power of unearthliness and grace and strength.  he wanted Giger to see if he could do something around that kind of a shape of person.  Then they found their actor who is this seven-foot-African...

    FF: So the monster was actually designed for one person rather than with a visual image of a particular type of human in mind?

    O' Bannon: No. more along these pictures out of this book more of this Nubian black racial type.  The thing we liked so much was the grace of these black people. (Fantastic Films, US #11/ GB number 2: p14) 

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