Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali (source:

a) See: Giger on Dali

b) See: Elongated skull apparitions by way of Dali

c) See: Dune and the Gathering

d) See Salvador Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism

e) See: Dali's "Soft Construction With Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)"
i) The story so far on on the painting
ii) Incorporating The Chemist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing" (1936)
iii) My basic ruminations on Salvador Dali's masterpiece
iv) References Goya illustrations?
v) References Exquisite Corpse landscape by Valentine Hugo, André Breton, Tristan Tzara, and Greta Knutson (1933)?
vi) Referenced in Max Ernst's Fireside Angel (1937) ?
vii) Referenced in HR Giger's Necronom V (1976)
Salvador Dali's "Soft Construction With Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)"

f) See: Dali's The Great Masturbator
i) Face inspired by Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights?
ii) Inspires Cocteau's Reveries of Opium 
iii) Inspires Giger's National Park
iv) Inspires Giger's homage to S. Beckett
Salvador Dali's The Great Masturbator

g) See: The Space Jockey references Dali's "Dali Martian Muni D'un Double Microscope Holoelectronique" from 1974

h) See: Front above view of HR Giger's Space Jockey chair and telescope references Dali's "Mae West's Face which May be Used as a Surrealist Apartment," (1934-1935)?

i) See: Salvador Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants partially inspires HR Giger's Anima Mia

j) See: Portrait of Mr Emilio Terry (unfinished) by Salvador Dali (1930(?) to 1933)
  • References the Henu Barque?
  • References Salvator Rosa's Temptation of St Anthony? 
  • References an architectural drawing by Emilio Terry or vice versa?

k) See: Salvador Dali's portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles (1932) inspires Giger's Erotomechanics VII

l) See: Salvador Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening" (1940)

m)  Salvador Dali's "Napoleon’s Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling His Shadow with Melancholia amongst Original Ruins" (1945)
i)  References Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral?
ii) References: Edward Burne-Jones' "Perseus The Doom Fulfilled" ?
iii)  Referenced in Giger's Necronom IV?

n) Salvador Dali's "The Enigma of William Tell" (1933)
i) References the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani
ii) Reclining Woman Who Dreams by Alberto Giacometti (1929)
iii) References Wagon-Bar poster by AM Cassandre (1932)

o) Salvador Dali's "Family of Marsupial Centaurs" (1940)

p) Salvador Dali's "Portrait of Pablo Picasso" (1947)

q) Papillon de l’anti-matière (Série du Cosmos) - (1974) by Salvador Dali


r) "Woman with the head of roses" 1935 by Salvador Dali?


  1. Maybe H. R. Giger or Ernst Fuchs saw and got some inspiration from this lesser know version of "The Gost of Vermeer van Delft":$FILE/Salvador_dali-the_ghost_of_vermeer_van_delft.Jpg

    1. Well, I haven't made any connections yet, and it might also help me if I saw what Dali might have referenced, and that alone can be quite a complicated saga for some of his paintings, which of course makes it fun, but these revelations about connections can come when one least expects them