Alien : News of Ridley overturn concerns.

Dennis Lowe: I remember the first time we got the script of Alien (we were all finishing off on 'Pink Panther' and Nick Allder was developing the flame thrower in advance) and the next day we were all quiet after reading it.

To tell the truth we all thought it was a terrible movie, it read like a 'B' movie and we all imagined it looking like a dreadful mistake. Guy Hudson was really suspicious about it and would constantly be making jokes about us all having nightmares twenty years on, nightmares about our reputations that is.

Eventually we got to hear that Ridley would be doing the movie and a new wave of optimism suddenly went through the crew, that was the turning point because to carry this thing off it had to be visual, there weren't many people at that time that could carry it off, it was a very fine line to walk on. As soon as we saw the concept artwork what doubts remained were wiped out and I remember well the feeling that there was something of substance finally to get the teeth in. It reminded me when I first heard the Beatles in the early sixties - somehow the culture had changed and the best thing to do was enjoy it while it lasted. (, June 22, 2009, 01:20:17 AM)

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