Biomechanic Metempyschosis references the
Doomwatch cover of Radio Times, 5th February, 1970

leading from

a) Realisation
1970 Radio Times magazine cover image that seems interesting, advertising the Doomwatch TV series that was created by the creators of the earlier Cybermen episode stories in Doctor Who

(Source for Radio Times image : Radio Times Collectors on Facebook)

Moments later, the realisation comes through that Giger had seen it and painted Metempsychosis in 1980 based on this image.

Someone that he knew during the Alien production must have kept a copy of the image , and shown it to him.

Of course it's reasonable that he should find the Radio Times image so inspiring.

Biomechanic Metempsychosis (work 431) 1980

b) Comparisons
Turning the engines into the underside of a skin that's been shed.

The front of the plane has been turned into tentacles.

The wing on the left, making use of the deformations on the end of the ring and the combination lock become transformed into three tentacles and the wing on the right becomes transformed into a human body

The wishbone shaped warped tail fins of the plane has been transformed into the indentation at the top of the hollow of the shed skin.

The shapes in the cloth inside the box also help to inspire the various shapes and forms in the picture

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