Rambaldi's beast for "Possession" & Giger's Mordor VII

leading from

The creature as a phallic monster being tended
to by Andrzej Zulawski on the set of Possession

a) Andrzej Zulawski looked through images of representations of the Golem, a creature of mythology that Gustave Meyrink wrote about in a novel. Various illustrations and movies had been made featuring this entity. I worked out that HR Giger had created a biomechanised painting of Hugo Steiner-Prag's illustration for the novel. When Zulawski went to see Alien, he realised that he wanted Giger to create a creature for him but he was unavailable and so Giger got them in touch with Carlo Rambaldi.  (See Possession: The beast in the Berlin movie)

b) Rambaldi worked on mechanising HR Giger's suit for Alien and became friends with HR Giger.  After I noticing a slight similarity between Rambaldi's 3rd Stage Guild Navigator from David Lynch's Dune and a moonhopper toy like creature in Giger's Mordor V. (See Giger's Mordor V) I wondered if there was the possibility that Rambaldi's creature for Possession took inspiration from Giger's art, perhaps even that same Mordor series that offered some very interesting details. I took a look at Mordor VII and looked at how similar it was to the beast in Possession with its strong arms and upper body, and a lower body that's become half formed tentacles (See Giger's Mordor VII). Giger had created a similar sort of creature with a phallic head and a lower body reduced to a tentacled sprawled across the ground in Mordor VI (See: Giger's Mordor VI)

Mordor VII

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