HR Giger: Biomechanical Landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583)

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a) Giger's biomechanic landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583)

Giger's biomechanic landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583)

b) See: References Giedi Prime from David Lynch's Dune?

c) See: References Fire Engines Scene from #16 of The Eternals  ?

c) See: References Ralph McQuarrie's Count Baltar with Cylons concept art for Battlestar Galactica (1978) ?

d)  Biomechanical Landscape I (work 583)
The painting Biomechanic Landscape I (work 583) looks as if it ought to be a further exploration of to the Biomechanic Landscape III (train station) from 1979 as if it's a companion piece or the same sort of place seen from another angle (See: Giger's biomechanical landscape III (trains) (work 418) (1979))

Giger's biomechanical landscape III (trains) (work 418) (1979)

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  1. Friday 1st July 2016
    Added: Giger's Biomechanical Landscape I (1984-1986) (work 583) references the Giedi Prime landscape from David Lynch's Dune and fire engine scene from fire engine scene from Jack Kirby's The Eternals #16, October, 1977. I knew for a couple of weeks about the fire engine scene connection but today while working on the page, I made the Dune connection because of the year it was painted and I have been a fan of David Lynch's Dune even if the director was not happy with it. There are many interesting scenes in it and curious designs in it that would inspire watchers of the movie but in ways perhaps unrelated to the original book by Frank Herbert.