"Lost in Space" directed by Stephen Hopkins, and Alien

leading from

a) Alien in the background
When Stephen Hopkins made Lost in Space released in 1989, Alien was another film along with Event Horizon that remained at the back of his mind as haunted house in space film alongside the the fairly recently released Event Horizon.
  1. Stephen Hopkins (Lost in Space): Actually, we're on budget right now, but it has been a struggle to do even that, It's such a complicated story. Sometimes I wish it was like going onto a haunted space-ship, like ALIEN or Event Horizon, because you know where you are. Lost in Space is like jamming five or six different films into one. and the more I edit it. the more I realize how cleverly it's written.

Stephen Hopkins

b) Jupiter 2 references Necronom IV?
The Jupiter 2 underwent a redesign to make it very streamlined. One might compare it to aspects of Necronom IV..

The creatures goggles become expanded to become a cockpit and also fill out much of the space between the creature and its tale

Beneath the back of the creature's skull there is part of the body that sticks out and potentially supports the end of the alien's skull should it droop with a downward curved indentation in its tip, and perhaps this oval space has been given three of these curved indentations around it but together have been turned into domes.

c) Jupiter 2 references the derelict ship?
Take notice of the dome and the ribbing around the side in Giger's above view of the derelict ship becomes near enough replicated in the series of pipes or bars around the rear dome of the Jupiter2.

Alien Derelict Ship

detail from above

Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space (1988) (http://www.propstore.com/)

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