Guillermo Del Toro talks about Lovecraft's influence on Alien

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N.B. Here I have been dissecting Guillermo Del Toro's comments about Alien in relation to Lovecraft that might be considered strange and fragmented. I find them enigmatic, his passion for what he is talking about is very much appreciated and his basic message is clear.

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drawing of one of "Lovecraft's Elder Things" (that's probably a Shoggoth) 
drawn by Guillermo del Toro in his Blue Notebook, p151 
( Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet of Curiosities,, p262)"

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HP Lovecraft's character Cthulhu
drawn by Guillermo del Toro from p22a of Notebook 3,
( Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet of Curiosities, p73)


  1. This article Guillermo Del Toro & Lovecraft's influence on Alien was initially published April 10th 2014, and has been slightly edited since. Always looking out for a few more strange things to be said about Alien by Guillermo Del Toro, perhaps to reveal the truth about his own strangeness.

  2. I've been editing the essay today and suddenly realised that somewhere I wrote Joseph Campbell instead of John Campbell, which certain seemed a rather odd thing to do.