Prometheus: Mayan 'star-map' tablet

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Tablet of Mayan Rocket Man in Prometheus 
NOTE WELL, this is not the real "Pakal Votan" tomb lid!

a) The Invitation via The Tomb of 'Pakal Votan'
One of the tablets that displays the star pattern shown in Prometheus is based on the Sarcophagus Lid of the tomb of 'Pakal' referred to by Erich Von DanikenVotan' as 'Pacal Votan'
It is thought by many ancient astronaut theorists to depict an astronaut in a rocket ship cockpit.

As a viewer initially taking an interest in the trailer as it is found on line, this tablet is suddenly recognisable, one can see the details and what they have changed to make it fit into their story. 
One could say that it is unfair to take too much notice of it because it's only seen briefly at the side of the shot in the trailer. 
For a fan of the Alien series who knows something about the Ancient Astronauts concept being introduced to the trailer with the ability to halt it wherever he wants, there are further questions to ask about it. 
In the film itself as it is seen on the big cinema screen it might be something really hardly noticeable and whatever is to be found in the mockup of a tablet isn't to be taken too seriously.

This one is supposed to have been discovered in Teotihuacan about 900 km from Palenque where Pakal Votan's tomb is located

Tablet of Mayan Rocket Man in Prometheus 
NOTE WELL, this is not the real "Pakal Votan" tomb lid!

The replica shows a slightly altered replica of the sarcophagus lid.
Here the man in the image now has a breathing pipe instead of the part of the image that is less easily imaginable as breathing apparatus 
The Mayan depiction of the sky has been taken away and replaced with a very non-Mayan sky depicting the group of stars. 
In these tablets from from archeological digs from around the world in the world of the movie. 
They show pictograms which roughly match up with the star map seen and drawn by Betty Hill and indeed this starmap configuration becomes an issue at the beginning of Prometheus
However to point out the star pattern on this image would require some guess work.
  1. description: Ancient Mayan Space Jockey 'Star Map' Tablet
    Stock # 27008
    Upper section of Tablet of Mayan Rocket Man in Prometheus showing stars, 
    NOTE WELL, this is not the real "Pakal Votan" tomb lid!
    A large carved tablet used in Ridley Scott’s 2012 sci-fi adventure Prometheus. 
    This tablet can be seen in the key briefing scene which is held by Dr Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr Holloway (Logan-Marshall Green) where they explain the origin of the star map. 
    The star map image is shown to be similar to those on several other tablets that were also discovered, leading them to mount the expedition to find the planet LV-223. 
    This tablet is shown in the sequence to be Mayan in origin dating from 620 CE and excavated from ‘site B central TEOTICHUAĆAN. 
    Middle section of tablet of Mayan Rocket Man in Prometheus 
    NOTE WELL, this is not the real "Pakal Votan" tomb lid!
    The lower section of the tablet features a large reclined person with an iconic ‘space jockey’ head, very similar to that seen of the engineer in the later stages of the film. 
    The entire tablet is bordered with symbol etchings and patterning. 
    The characteristic ‘star map’ which is analysed during the film, can be seen on the top section of the tablet. 
    This large prop is made from a biscuit foam cast which has had a hard resin skin applied on the outside. 
    The mould has been carved, painted and detailed in a grey wash stone effect, then chipped to give an aged appearance. 
    It has been moulded to mount on top of a green screen pole although this is no longer attached. 
    The green screen pole would have been edited out to give the tablet a suspended appearance when used in the production. 
    This iconic tablet is in fantastic production used condition and measures 75cm x 42cm x 11cm (29.5” x 16.5” x 4.5").

drawing of Sarcophagus lid of "Pakal Votan"


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