Pink Floyd / Gerald Scarfe inspired Trilobyte tongue ?

"The Flying Fanny"

In Pink Floyd's The Wall, another possible inspiration for a curiosity from Prometheus. In The Wall, a hallucination growing from phantom memories of his wife, she transforms into a preying mantis and then a flower that opens and snake head comes out of it, and then from the front a fanged maw with a penile head that comes and it has two eyes upon it. However the design of the maw has been made to look as if it's based on something from nature rather than someone's hallucination

In Prometheus, the creature known behind the scenes as the Trilobite (which Shaw has given birth to)opens up like a flower, and its central mouth is a fanged vaginaand from inside, the creature's ovipositor is a serpent like structure with an serpent like head with seemingly black eye holes. No exlanation has been given behind the snake like head.

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