Prometheus: Gutalin's ceiling frescoes

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1) Trouble at work for Gutalin
The artist known at Gutalin was responsible for the artwork for the Frescos. 
He was required to make the artwork look more "human" and then he insisted that it should look more "Alien". 
He did two versions of the artwork, "human" and "Alien" and they used the "human" version.

2) We've only seen some of Gutalin's work

We have seen near enough two panels that he has done,. 
One shows the alien hands around an alien egg. 
Another a humanoid with another who has a deformed head.
There are left many questions for those who care to ask them about what these pieces were in aid of.

  1. Interviewer- Какие требования были выставлены к характеру работ и насколько эти рамки давали Вам возможность выразить Вашу творческую сторону как художника?
    Alexei Kozhanov: Рамок не ставилось никаких. Артур Макс (художник-постановщик – прим. ред.) сразу сказал «делай так как ты всегда работаешь». В основном отосланные работы принимались сразу, видимо, мой стиль наилучшим образом подходил для поставленной задачи. Хотя были и исключения, в задании с потолочными фресками, когда от меня требовалось сделать изображение более «человеческим», мне же казалось, что оно должно быть абсолютно «чужим» и я настаивал на этом. В результате пришлось параллельно делать оба варианта, вложив неимоверно больше усилий во второй, но в фильм прошел «человеческий» вариант.
    Amalgam of Bing/Google Translation
    Interviewer- What are the requirements have been exposed to the nature of work and how these frameworks give you the opportunity to express your creative side as an artist?

    Alexei Kozhanov:
    Framework did not raise any. Arthur Max ( Production Designer. - Ed. ) once said, "You do as you always do" Basically the main work sent out was taken, apparently, my style is well suited to the task. Although there were exceptions in the job with ceiling frescoes, when I was required to make the image more "human", it seemed to me that it must be absolutely "alien" and I insisted on it. As a result, had to do do both simultaneously, putting more effort enormously in the second, but the film was a "human" version.(

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