Comparisons between "Pakal Votan" tomb lid
and depictions of the ancient Egyptian god Heh

leading from 
'Pakal Votan' tomb lid 
On the back of a chair from the tomb of Tutenkhamun
is a depiction
of the Spirit of the Million years, named Heh, (circa 1370-52 BC). 
a) Strangely enough, depictions of the god Heh from Egyptian bring some to make comparisons between the Mayan and Ancient Egyptian culture, as if the ideas shown in "Pakal Votan" tomb lid from the 7th century borrowed some ideas from such something such as this. 
But how the Mayans could have known about ideas from Ancient Egyptian culture while I might say is yet to be understood, but isn't really much of a question anyway. 
But certainly there are certain vague similarities, and then in other representations of the same sort of image wih the flaming bent rods and snakes, the similarity is even less and less.

Heh (relief at Dendera?)

b) In The Egyptian image, the human figure holds spears either side of him with curved tips which seem to near enough show up in the "Pakal Votan" tomb lid in the form of the vertical tusks with curved tips.

highlighted area shows the Serpent bar

c) Above the Egyptian figure  is a sphere with serpent heads either side of a sphere and in "Pakal Votan"'s tomb lid, where the sphere would be is the center of the cross with the back of the two headed serpent curving over and the heads of the serpents either side, known as the serpent bar.

    drawing of Sarcophagus Lid of "Pakal Votan"

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