Prometheus: Juggernaut design references the giant horseshoe from Tintin illustration by Hergé

Leading from
Tintin et Haddock portant un fer à cheval
(ca. 1940–1949) Source


a) A curiosity turned up on November 13th, 2020. Planete Tintin on Facebook posted the image of Tintin and Captain Haddock carrying a giant horseshoe. 

This image was created somewhere between 1940-1949 by Hergé, separate from the actual stories. 

I might start wondering if someone had dug up an ancient relic that represented the Juggernaut from Prometheus and were taking it home.

Image from a Ridleygram of the croissant shaped Juggernaut for Prometheus

b)  I suppose I can't decide whether there is really a connection to be made, but I have seen a great deal of influence from Tintin in the Prometheus story.

I might wonder if this contributed to Ridley's Juggernaut being much more direction horseshoe shaped than the old derelict ship was.

Juggernaut design for Prometheus by Messing and Kozhanov

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