Prometheus: Space Jockeys renamed Engineers

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The Ampule room

a) The Ampule Room
 a.1) See: The Headroom  

h) Engineer ships exterior designs 
h.1) See: Hammer shaped Primordial engineer ships 
h.2) See: Alternate toroidal shaped engineer ships
The Engineer


  1. Thanks, well it certainly seems as if they're giving us some more information to think about. I'm going to have to add more comments from the last couple of years about the space jockey discussions to this page to make sure they're all bundled up together so that people can see how the information is being released to the public.

  2. The other thing though about this is the revelation that Giger wasn't so directly involved in the production as he was in the Alien movie. If one has become addicted to Alien because of Giger's biomechanics, one may well not appreciate the examples of fauc-biomechanics to be found in this film. However there still seems to be some examples of Giger's direct handiwork to be found around the film, we are told that he worked on murals and there seems to be at least one thing in a trailer that looks like Giger's art. I'm not much of a fan of the new derelict exterior or interior really but if I don't feel the urge to scrutinise it, I suppose I can let it be passable, I'd like to see something a little more "Giger-y".