Prometheus : Carlos Huante's Engineer concept art

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a) Thinking about the work he was to do on the Engineers, Carlos was conscious of the idea that these giants were like what he had read abput the the Nephilim and the fallen angels in the bible and they were created beings by these other aliens that had created these giants to infect humanity by mixing with them was like the old biblical story.

  1. “I was gathering from what I was reading that obviously, they called it Paradise Lost. So It was going to be a science fiction version of Paradise Lost and that’s what I was kind of gathering even from the time we were working on Prometheus is that these are giants like the Nephilim, the created beings by these other aliens that had created these giants to infect humanity by mixing with them that’s kind of the old biblical story. The fallen angels and the Nephilim, and that’s what I thought he was trying to tell. And I thought ‘Man, this could be the coolest thing ever. No one would ever go into this area of the bible’…and then as in Paradise Lost David would essentially become the devil.”

a) See: Prometheus: Carlos Huante: Engineers with deformed skulls


b) See: Hermaphrodite Engineer Concept







d) See: Multi limbed Engineer


e) When he explored the idea of the bodies being much more deliberately human but as hermaphrodytes, he used the nude body of a flat chested very androgynous fashion model and converted the head into that of one of his engineers.

He explored handheld technology such a a group of squid like tentacles attached to a handle.


f) Carlos worked on concepts for gowns as worn by the Engineers in the beginning scenes where the Engineer drinks the black fluid.

The height of these humanoids would have been about fifteen feet. 


g) One thing to be said about Huante's Space Jockeys, they were exercises in deformity and alien bodies and different from where Giger's space jockey had been going. 

Giger took inspiration from Egyptian art for his space jockeys and those who recognised it may well have puzzled over the years about where it was coming from until Giger's interest in the imagery Egyptian book of the dead could be brought to the surface.

He wasn't very happy with the final engineer design, he thought it was great in theory but there would be trouble in the application. 

His prediction was that the Engineers would look fact with thick bellies if they added too much rubber to build up the suit. 

Then the costume over that rubber he thought was also going to look fat and he believed that they did.

However the engineers in their body suits looked very elegant although the flight suits, there did appear to be some problem.

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