Prometheus: Carlos Huante: Engineers with deformed skulls

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In his work for Prometheus, in the Furious Gods documentary, Huante spoke about a sculpture he had done as if it were a starting point for the look of the engineer. 

It was of a character that was lopsided, very muscular and blown out, and the photograph that Huante took was very ghostly as well and so Ridley loved the design very much as a starting point.

Huantes early explorations for engineers including tall humanoids with deformed skulls as if this were the result of cranial boarding used to deform the skull in certain ways. 

Some of them resembled mummies brought back to like as muscular boney once again living creatures. 

In another variation, he also explored the possibilities of facial tattoos of small runes


  1.  Huante: He had seen a sculpture that I had done and this character, was you know, completely lobsided and really muscular and blown out, and he loved it. The photograph that I took of it too was, uh, um, uh, it was really hot. So it was really just, you know, it looked ghostly. (Furious gods documentary)




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