Alien : Salvador Dali's "Dali Martian Muni D'un Double Microscope Holoelectronique" (1974), an ancestor of Giger's Space Jockey?

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Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope
a)  Comparing Dali's illustration to the Space Jockey's pilot chair
On Friday 12th July, 2013, the Salvador Dali page on Facebook posted a picture that I suddenly decided was a possible ancestor or older relative of Giger's Space Jockey. The entity has his double holoelectronic microscope supported by three crutches with prongs of different lengths in a similar way that we have with Giger's Space Jockey's telescope. This Dali image was from a 1974 portfolio "The Conquest of the Cosmos" which would still have been something fresh in the minds of those who had seen it back then
Perhaps the long leg with the sock hanging at the front of the humanoid is represented by the part leading from the Space Jockey's body to the downward bent pommel beneath the front of the telescope. But to look at the telescopic supports:
i. The left crutch supports the bottom of the extented body part and has virtually no prongs. The first support from the Jockey's telescope mount supports the bottom.
ii. The middle crutch supports the upper extended body part and itself has long prongs. The second support on the Jockey's telescope mount has long prongs reaching up to the upper ridge going up along the trunk of the telescope.
iii. The right crutch supports the upper end of a body part with the medium length prongs. The third support of the telescope mount has prongs that only reach half way around the side of the trunk of the telescope.
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Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope and Space Jockey
Giger's Space Jockey's sloping phallic telescope with three sets of prongs as supports from Alien
b) Signs of the Dali illustration in a Chris Foss illustration 
On 22nd April 2016. I suddenly looked as an abstract drawing by Chris Foss for a part of the derelect ship and realised that it shared some features with the same Dali illustration as if Foss looked at it and then drew something loosely based on the structures in it. It would have been done before the space jockey, so it would have been as if Giger had been looking at the same reference material. The mountains from the distance in the landscape merge with the extended body parts to transform into some indescribably machine part. The martian's head transforms into a bar in the upper machinery.
Derelict ship illustration by Chris Foss  ( Source: Charles Lippincott on Facebook)
derelict detail by Chris Foss, possibly of the interior (indeed this may very well be part of the exterior) and may well reference
Salvador Dali "Dali Martian Muni D'un Double Microscope Holoelectronique" 1974
end of appendages with objects of tip translated in foss' drawing
C. See also:  Salvador Dali's "Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope" references cover illustration from André Laurie's "Les exilés de la terre" and thus becomes the ancestor of Giger's Space Jockey design?

  1. "Salvador Dali, "Dali Martian Muni D'un Double Microscope Holoelectronique" 1974. Limited Edition Print, Etching, 39.2 x 27.3 in  |  100 x 69 cm Provenance : Title: Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope. This was part of a suite of 12 Original engravings, on chromolithographs made by the artist in 1974 entitled "The conquest of the Cosmos". References: Albert Field (The Official Catalogue of the Graphic works of Salvador Dali) 74.12 C - Page 99".(
  2. Sebastien from in December 14,2009 said that Giger said"that it's impossible not to be influenced by Dali - but he meant that more in general rather than just the Alien design itself" For the circumstances of this statement, see section Elongated Skull Apparitions by way of Salvador Dali on this site.

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