August 2014

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Sunday August 31st 2014
2) a) An update to The Beast With Metal teeth about the origins of the Alien's Metal Teeth in the character Jaws in The Spy Who Loved me. The man who created those metal teeth for Richard Kiel had also made them back in 1974 for The Phantom of Paradise and maybe looking at this curious lineage and seeing the face of the phantom with his helmet on might indeed beg one to ask more questions the inspirations behind Giger's Alien. b) Another update, although Burman and Chambers made metal teeth for the Jaws character, the production used ones by by a dentist in Pinewood instead.

Saturday August 30th 2014
1) Updated Human to Spore stage 
2) Created index page Ridley Scott comes aboard for how Ridley got involved in Alien
3) Added a page Ridley arrives in Hollywood  
4) Added a section showing Chris Foss' early Nostromo concepts

Friday August 29th 2014
Updated Casting Kane with quote from HR Giger's diary from June 4th 1978
Monday August 25th 2014
Added a page for The Little Rascal. Previously it was assumed that it was a name for the big Alien but it appears now to be the name for the Chestburster instead of the big Alien.

Sunday August 24th 2014
Whole of Independence day's Biomechanical Suit page an index page for smaller pages

Saturday August 23rd 2014
1) Wrote the summaries for Looking for the Alien's Nucleus
2) Wrote the summaries for Bolaji Badejo from the Gold Coast,
3) Wrote the summaries for Independence Day's Biomechanical Suit 
5) Re-edited the summaries for Roger Dicken's big alien 

Monday August 18th 2014
1) Updated Danny Boyle on Alien 4 with comment by Billy Badalato on what if Danny Boyle had directed Alien:Resurrection with comments from Starlog, January 1998
2) Added quote from Neon, December 1997 magazine to Creating the Facehugger
3) Added quote from Neon, December 1997 magazine to Casting Kane
4) Added quote from Neon, December 1997 to Into The Necronomicon
5) Added quote from Alan Dean Foster from Starlog magazine #81 to harboring remains of Li Tobler 
and also corrected a statement that claiming that Giger "didn't seem to be very surprised about the rumours" to "Giger did seem very surprised about the rumours"
Thursday August 14th 2014
Rewrote the summary paragraphs for A New Alien Design for Prometheus, just to make them a little clearer and see if anything more could be added

Sunday August 10th 2014

Tuesday August 5th 2014

Sunday August 3rd 2014

Saturday August 2nd 2014
Updated Riddle of the Alien 3 beast with 4 legs with more information from Imagi-movies, Spring 1994

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