HR Giger: The Spell I
inspired by Cristo Redentor of Rio De Janeiro

 Leading from
Giger's  The Spell I

Another comparable image is the famous and iconic Cristo Redentor of Rio De Janeiro standing on top of the Corcovado mountain looking down on the city renowned for its violence and danger. Perhaps the way the folds on the right side of the statues upper garment reveals itself in the cruciform in the Spell, and the upper outstretched arms reflect the way the fold in material hangs across the below the neck of the robe, and Giger has reflected this limb on the other side too. This piece of material also resembles a hand with its thumb raised and perhaps might have inspired the upper hands in The Spell i. Also the wings at the side of the woman's face cutting into the belly of the body might be inspired by the creases in the robe as it curves down to the left

comparison between outstretched hand and upper hanging part of robe

comparison between the wing cutting into body and
curved crease in  robe hanging down the body


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