Alien: Covenant poster

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a) Introducing the new poster
On 23rd March 2017, I suddenly read at AVPGalaxy about the new Alien Covenant poster. The Alien Covenant Poster that appears to be a digital sculpture almost with an alien beast at the upper centre, a background with organic ribbing, other alien creatures and humanoids that might be Engineers becoming facehugged. The composition immediately rings a bell because of a central row of heads and how this might tie in with a certain painting by HR Giger. The arms of the humanoids in a state of panic seemed also suggestive of the same painting, and then I realised it was also suggestive of another painting that I worked out that Giger had referenced in his own painting.

b) See: Breaking down the comparisons between the new Alien Covenant poster and Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312)

c) See: Alien Covenant Poster references Ernst Fuchs Triumph of the Unicorn by way of Giger's Biomechanical Landscape (work 312)

d) See: Referencing Gustave Doré's Fall of the Rebel Angels from Paradise Lost?

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