Prometheus: Alien: Covenant: Early Neomorph inspired by the Quatermass And The Pit implike ghosts

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Unused concept for an alien creature from the Prometheus production
by Carlos Huante showing the alien creature killing a human.


a.i) Ghostly goblins bring an echo
On July 8th 2017, I started to pick up an echo of a thought that despite Ridley Scott's enthusiasm for Goblin Sharks being the source of the Neomorph idea, these ghostly pale Neomorph things from Alien Covenant brought over from the Prometheus production's concept.

a.ii) Connecting the Holloway alien with the Quatermass and the Pit ghost goblin
Since Ridley was exploring his enthusiasm for Nigel Kneale's Quatermass And The Pit when making Prometheus, perhaps this connects also with the idea of the ghost of a deformed dwarf that came out of the wall of the space capsule in "Quatermass And The Pit" that was only mentioned but not seen and Ridley was thinking about Quatermass And The Pit when he made Prometheus, there's a possibility. 

a.iii) What was this dwarf ghost in Quatermass and the Pit ?
When one watched the TV series, one would assume that the dwarf was as it were a ghost of one of the apemen who was being carried to Earth in this ancient space ship.

Clay sculpture based on the ancient humanoid's bones
from the film version Quatermass And The Pit

Clay sculpture based on the ancient humanoid's
bones from the TV version Quatermass And The Pit

b)  What was this Holloway alien?
The earlier version of these Neomorphs started out as an alien that chestbursts from the character Dr Martin Holloway, 

It comes out as something labeled as the Sex-Burster, just as Holloway is about to make love to Elizabeth Watts (soon to be renamed Elizabeth Shaw). 
This creature would grow into something that's body appeared to be almost like liquid pouring out from an eight inch diameter pipe 

Then it would stand up to reveals itself to be a humanoid demon with spindly limbs and a bony back seeming like a translucent white goblin. 

They are drawn with strange bulging foreheads which basically were inspired by Beluga whales

However the creature would have a shape of a human face within its fleshy skull that would have been a mockery of Holloway's face. 

It would later reveal itself to have goblin-shark jaws that suddenly jut out.  
Unused concept for an alien creature from the Prometheus production
by Carlos Huante showing the alien creature killing a human.

c) Holloway alien as basis for the Alien Covenant neomorph
Ridley would revisit this the idea of this creature in the movie several years later Alien Covenant but by then this thing wasn't exactly a ghostlike dwarf, 

By then it was something that erupted from human hosts and quickly it grew to the adult size 

It would reveal itself to have a ghostly pale form, perhaps slightly shorter than the famous Xenomorph alien.

Neomorph from Alien Covenant
  1. A wet splatter behind them: they spin. But it’s only a trickle of condensate from a drainpipe.
    They move on.
    Behind them, from an eight-inch diameter pipe, a WHITE MASS oozes, almost gelatinous. Silently as a liquid it pours itself into the stagnant water - and stands up.
    It is a humanoid demon, spindly limbs and bony back. Boneless and flexible and monstrously strong. A threshing eel’s tail. Its blunt head dolphin-like and elongated.
    It opens its mouth. A pair of bony jaws jut out impossibly far, hungry and demonic.
    The Alien strikes. Card is gutted in an instant, torn up like a paper doll. He screams hideously and drops. The Alien, whiplash fast, shoots away into the darkness.

    Stillwell and Downs dash in with pistols and lights.
    Vigoda, panicking, fires a wild burst. Stillwell ducks. Beside him, Downs arches backward into the foul water. Dead.
    For one moment Downs’s flashlight beam illuminates the Alien. A nightmare image, a translucent white goblin. Backlit, it shows the strange shape of a human face inside its fleshy skull. A mockery of Holloway.

    And then it’s gone. (Alien Engineers by Jon Spaihts) 
    Janek watches the rover come - and the Holloway Alien - boneless and white - unfolds itself from the instruments over his head.
    Its goblin-shark jaw juts out. Sinks its horrific teeth into Janek’s right shoulder.
    Janek howls in agony. His right arm is paralyzed by the bite. He gropes at the pistol on his right hip with his left hand.
    The Alien shakes him like a terrier killing a rat.
    Janek gets the pistol. Flips it in his hand. Fires over his shoulder. Two, three rounds...
    The bullets punch easily into the Alien - but the soft flesh closes easily over the wounds, sealing its white skin. Its teeth tighten.
    Watts comes out of nowhere in her space suit. Swings a heavy rifle like a bat with all her strength. A crushing impact wrenches the Alien’s jaws loose. It recoils.
    Watts reverses the rifle. Pulls the trigger. A fusillade of bullets shreds the Alien’s head. It collapses, dead.
    Watts wrenches her helmet off. Rips a first-aid kit from the bulkhead and helps Janek to stanch the bleeding of his horrific wound. She gets the bleeding stopped. Wraps him in bandages.
    Janek will live - but his right arm is useless.
    JANEK Thank you.


    He looks at the body of the dead Alien, which is sinking into the deck plates as acid eats away at the metal. (Alien Engineers by Jon Spaihts) 
  3. Private West: It was a kind of figure, it went through the wall. (Quatermass and the Pit)
  4. Private West: I thought it was the wall shining , then it moved and came at me, and then it went , it went. (Quatermass and the Pit)
  5. Private West: It was little like a dwarf
    Professor Quatermass: A dwarf?

    Private West: It was crooked.( following words barely coherent) Horrible. I don't know. Just horrible. (Quatermass and the Pit)

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