Alien: Covenant

leading from 

c) John Logan writes Alien Covenant
l) "The Planet Once More" from Moebius "Edena" 

Demian Bichir (to come)
Billy Crudup
Carmen Ejogo (to come)
Michael Fassbender (to come)
James Franco (to come)
Callie Hernandez
Danny McBride
Noomi Rapace (to come)
Benjamin Rigby (to come)
Amy Seimetz (to come)
Jussie Smollett (to come)
Katherine Waterston (to come)

Concept art
a) David's nightmare Creature Face by Dan Hallett
b) Artwork by Matt Hatton
c) Terrace with garden by Wayne Haag (Homage to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead)
d) Artwork by Stephane Lavallois
e) Artwork by Steve Messing
f) Domed citadel entrance references Grmeč Monument to the Revolution
g) Domed citadel references "Satan presiding at the Infernal Council" (1824) by John Martin?
  h) Giacometti alien by Dominic Hailstone

a) Mutant Neo/Xeno head in David's lab
b) Neomorph head splice
c) Unused proto facehugger
d) Mouth burster sack
e) The Xenomorph : Stripped down killing machine
f) Baby neomorph puppet
g) David's Lab creature designed by Dominic Hailstone
h) Unused Adolescent neomorph for David's lab
i) Xenomorph Chestburster puppet


Promotional artwork
a) Alien: Covenant poster
b) Empire magazine (june 2017) exclusive subscribers cover

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