Alien V / Red Harvest: Carlos Huante's concept art for alien drones

leading from

Drone 1, source:

Red Harvest drone 2 A & B (source:

Drone 3, source:

Drone 4, source:

Drone 5, source:

Drone 6, source:

Detail from Red Harvest: Drone 6's skull face beneath the transparent dome

Drone 7, source:

Red Harvest drone 8 (

Drone 9, source:

Drone 10, source:

Drone 11, source:

  1. Carlos Huante: For a project that never got made, in never got made..........
    Obviously unsuccessful creatures that wouldn’t have functioned all that well which makes u wonder what these were for....?...well all I can say is they were for a version of the storyline that never got Not for Covenant or Prometheus but for something in not for either of those but for something else....heheheheh..ok I hope that’s clear....
    it’s been a couple years now here you go..appropriately I believe it would have been Giger’s birthday today
    (source 6th February 2016 :, )C

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