HR Giger's Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics references the Radio Times 10th-16th June 1961 cover?

leading from

Radio Times 10th-16th June 1961 cover photo and illustration

a) Since I worked out that a Radio Times cover for the FA Cup Final of 1968 was referenced for the design of the Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics, I'm going with the idea that Giger saw this Radio Times cover as well back in 1978 although it's not easy to point anything out specific.

Radio Times cover next to the relevant section of the Hieroglyphics painting
b) Sean Connery transforms into the eggs, astronaut, and facehugger tail

However the first thing for me to realise is that rows of soldiers being transformed into rows of hieroglyphs and Sean Connery becomes transformed into the egg shaped spore capsules. 

c) The left astronaut figure along with the tale of the leaping facehugger, 

Relevant sections of Sean Connery that transform into the lower egg and astronaut on the left. 

The right tassel on Sean's shoulder on the left transforms into the front of the body and the far left tassel becomes the air tank, while the space in between the tassels becomes the upper arm. 

Meanwhile Sean's chin transforms into the bottom of the upper egg.

d) Row of soldiers at the bottom right become the Facehugger. 

The soldiers transform into the fingers. 

The shoulder tassel as part of the tail is seen here in relationship to the place of the soldiers as the fingers.

e) The front of his jacket that sticks out becomes the opening of the spore. 

Area showing parts of Sean's clothing that still transforms into the egg opening and the piping on his shoulder on right generally transforms into the place of the facehugger's tail while the tassel on the shoulder on the right turns into the facehugger's tale as well connecting to the body of the creature.

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