Radio Times and TV Times images referenced in Giger's work?

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a) Introduction to the Radio Times and TV Times
HR Giger spent a most of 1978 in England, and during this time was introduced to the wonders of the "The Radio Times" magazine filled with photographs and illustrations along with program listings for BBC television and radio.

It was as it were a super-highway of the British collective consciousness as when they were only focusing their minds on hand full of TV channels including BB1 and 2, ITV and later Channel 4.

It would be a magazine found in most households along with the TV times for the ITV channel and later Channel 4, until satellite TV introduced dozens of TV channels for the public to choose from.

There was also the TV times magazine for channels such as Channel 9, and later ITV instead along with  Channel 4

b) Giger's use of the Radio  Times and TV Times
From 1979 he started integrating aspects of various photographs and images into his painting from then on and the decade following.

Some images were from some time before his time on Alien, so it would seem that he was being presented some of these things by someone else who was collecting. Was there an second hand magazine shop at the time for him to visit?

What shows up in his work are such things as a photographic composition for an article about the scifi TV series Doomwatch from 1970 that looked as if it should be interesting to Giger, an image advertising a J G Ballard documentary from 1971 that would have interested Giger as a J.G. Ballard fan, and curiously there was a  cover showing architecture from Hindu Kush valley from 1976, as if people had these tucked away somewhere and were giving him their old copies, or perhaps copies were lying around the pub where he stayed or Shepperton studios

After his time on Alien, I might wonder if he had found a place to buy the magazine in Switzerland, continued to receive a subscription from England, or indeed a friend from England was continuing to send him cuttings over time, but it seemed as if he was using any editorial that looked in the slightest bit interesting as visual reference.

We might be talking in terms of dozens of images from the magazine being integrated into his works over the years, but the other side to that is that whatever magazine he found interesting images in for his work, the final paintings that he would create would still be his individual work that no one else could create.

c) List of paintings by HR Giger which I think use the Radio times 


Work 424: Erotomechanics IX (Fellatio)) (1979) references publicity image for The Burke Special in The Radio  Times (19th July 1973)?

work 431) Biomechanic Metempyschosis (1980) references the Doomwatch cover of Radio Times, 5th February, 1970?

work 433) ZDF (1980) references Radio Times illustration for West Coast Story from 29 November 1979?

work 434) Biomechanical Landscape (Sack) (1980) references Bellamy Down Under Radio Times cover illustration from  1-7 December, 1979 ?

work 452) N.Y. City II Lovecraft over N.Y. City (work 452) (1980) references the cover of Radio Times July 3-9 1976 "Viewing America"?

work 459) N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?)  references Illustration by David Smith from Radio Times 23rd February - 1st March 1980 and Radio Times for the Billy Smart's Easter Circus from 27th March 1978 ?

work 464) New York City XIV Factory (1981) references Radio Times illustration for Harley Cokeliss' Crash Documentary (1971) ?


work 472) N.Y. City XXII (1981) references Radio Times illustration by Clare Melinsky for "Australia: A Long Way Home" from 21 February 1980 ?

work 476) N.Y. City XVI (1981) references Radio Times cover from 7-13th March 1981 showing an illustration for Lord of the Rings radio play ?

work 487) Anima Mia (1980/81) references an engraving from Doctor Faustus which appears in Radio Times, 7th February 1981?

work 500) Totem  (1983) references Christ Taken down from the cross illustration from Radio Times 11-17 April 1981, illustration "Idea of the Holy"?

work 508) Biomechanoid with three heads (1983) references Radio Times 2nd-8th June 1979)

work 512) i) "For Judith" (1983) references Radio Times cover from 21st March to 1st April 1983?

work 512) ii); HR Giger's "For Judith" (work 512) references Ralph Steadman illustration from Radio Times 15-21 July 1978?

work 513) Demon (1978) references Radio Times article The Big Top?

work 515) Victory IV and other paintings in the series references Felicity Kendal photo in The Radio Times 19th April, 1981?

work 562)   i)  Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references Kieth Michell's Alice in Wonderland cover for the Radio Times (27th March and 2nd April 1982)?

work 562) ii) Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references Radio Times cover from 16-22 July 1983?

work 585) The Saxophonist (1986) references editorial illustration by Arthur Robins from the Radio Times from 23-29th April 1983 for the Eurovision Song Contest?

work 591) The Net I (1987) references Peter Till's Radio Times illustration for 'Coping With Cuts' article from 1980?

work 597) Biomechanical Landscape I (1983) also references Lesley Buckingham's "The Dog Who Ran For President" illustration from The Radio Times in 1997?

work 607) The Net II (1987) references Peter Till's Radio Times illustration for 'Coping With Cuts' article from 1980?

work 618) Carmen I (1988/1989) references Radio Times illustrations for the Proms 88) 

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