Prometheus: Chihuly - Chihulien - Chihulybite

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Blue and Beyond Blue, 2006.
Dale Chihuly, (b. 1941).  Glass. 107 x 82 x 77 in.
New Britain Museum of American Art,
Stephen B. Lawrence Fund and 25 additional donors, 

Since the release of the book "Prometheus, the art of the film", in early June and images crawled onto the internet since June 5th, 2012, the image of the Trilobite was revealed. A day or so later I was able to take a look at them and somehow the images of the Trilobite creature abstractly began to scream out "Chihulien!" as if it were an alien creature in the style of Chihuly but for a while I couldn't find an image of any sculpture by the artist that really looked like the creature. On July 1st 2012, I had a serious look on Google and found a photo of Chihuly's sculpture Blue and Beyond from 2006 and then checked back to the concept illustration of the creature on page 176 of "Prometheus, the art of the film". It was blue,  the creature in the illustration has tentacles reminiscent of those in this piece of Chihuly's work and where the creature's circular mouth is in the illustration, there is appears a tentacle curling into form in the photo forming an "o" waiting to be transformed into a mouth by the imagination of someone who wants to use this thing somehow in a movie. The interviews and articles where the development of the trilobite is talked about so far make no reference to the art of Chihuly 

Read more about the sculpture "Blue and Beyond"

Trilobite concept drawing, p176 of "Prometheus, the art of the film", 2012

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  1. Indeed a good comparison. There is a lot of material to explore in the book