Poster for "The Land That That Time Forgot" movie references:"Portrait of Emilio Terry (Unfinished)" by Salvador Dali (1931-33)?

leading from

a) The poster references Portrait of Emilio Terry, with such things as the the black sculpture becoming the submarine, Emilio Terry in the background becoming a dinosaur and a limbless torso sculpture becoming the ape man. See below

b) Emilio has become the swimming dinosaur with parts of the sculpture becoming its arms.

 c) The dark sculpture has become the submarine along with the giant manta ray like creature.

d) Its rounded supports sculpture become the octopus .  

e)  The small spiral building sculpture has become the minisub.

f) The book case becomes the side of the rock to the right,

g) Sculpture of a headless torso on the bookshelf becomes the caveman with the spear above the water. 

h) A pigeon becomes a diver. 

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