HR Giger's Necronom I (1976) references "A Philosopher Giving a Lecture on the Orrery" (1766) by Joseph Wright of Derby?

Leading from

a) Echoes of Philosopher Lecturing on The Orrery by Joseph Wright of Derby to such a feint level that it's almost not detectable, but you might get the idea of pipes loosely inspired by the orrery frame, the bend in the upper pipes being where the philospher's head would be, and the ear being the position of the arm of the note taker holding pencil and note pad . The way that the man's head on the far right becomes divided by light and shadow becomes significant where the transparent pipe coming out of the eye socket ends with a flange and becomes dark. 

b) Note taker's arm with pencil and paper

c) Philosopher becomes bent pipes.

d) Face on the right becomes end of transparent pipe.

e) Right side of curved frame becomes the curved pipe along the cheekbone

f) Bars of the frame on the right become spikes and tendrils 

g) The frame where the children are poking their heads through, the space between their heads and the glass table itself become the shoulder.


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