HR Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975) references The Umbrellas (1886) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir?

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Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)

a)  References The Umbrellas (ca. 1881-86) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir? 

This is rather curious. I wondered again recently about the painting as a whole composition without the anything to compare the odd details to such as humpty dumpty etc, but seeing Delgado's Jeebs creature for Men In Black looked as it it adapted elements from Kirby illustration that looks as if it adapted elements from this Giger, also seemed to merge that with elements from the Renoir, should I wonder if there's a connection.

b) The left woman's upper body with upper arms becomes the downward pincer like form.

c) The central woman in the darker blue outfit becomes the sarcophagus


d) These are more or less comparable areas with little that's easily compared, but the girl's bonnet would become the buttocks of the raised leg while the general idea of the dome of the umbrella would perhaps become the dome of the upper beast's head but not in relation to its position in the painting

e) The taller girl's bonnet becomes the buttocks of the raised leg. The shorter girl's bonnet becomes the glowing white form

f) The top parts of both images

g) The left woman's face becomes the breast and the right woman's face becomes the head area of the sarcophagus entrance. The folded umbrella behind becomes the horizontal limbs with the downward pointed elbow like joints.

h) One could think that all of these umbrellas or their shadowy undersides, as well as the one in the background on the right somehow have become abstract biomechanoid heads

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