HR Giger's Passage Temple entrance

c) Giger's Passage Temple Entrance references murals from tomb from the Pharaoh Seti I (KV-17)

d) Questions about the Juggernaut pilot platform
And then in later in the movie Prometheus, the flight deck of the Juggernaut ship becomes a similar sort of amalgamation of different things into one solid compact unit which was my starting point for asking the question. Perhaps the control keyboard in that movie was inspired by the rim of the sarcophagus in Giger's painting

e) Transformation into a the Alien Resurrection Viper's Nest
Parts of the Passage Temple Entrance found elements of it being adapted for the Viper's Nest featured in Alien Resurrection (See: Alien Resurrection: Designing The Viper's Pit )

g) See also: Jack Kirby's drawing of sky for Devil Dinosaur (1978) references details from Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)

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