HR Giger: Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral referenced
in HR Giger's Passage Temple entrance?

Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral referenced in Giger's Passage Temple entrance

leading from 

If the Passage Temple Entrance references the Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre and then it appears that the latter references the Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral which Giger would reference in other works such as Necronom II, perhaps he knew about the connection between the pectoral and the Fisher Price toy at this time and when this Passage Temple Entrance was painted and we might see signs of elements that he transformed in an atrophied biomechanical way.

Below are some comparisons which I might sit here and be slightly uncretain about: 

The scarab desert glass form becomes the entrance ?
This would also mean that the glowing pars either side in the full image of
Giger's painting would perhaps be the sun shapes above the cobras

Atrophied remains of the eye of Horus?


crescent shape holding three figures becomes humpty dumpty faced pincers?

wings becomes atrophied remains of two figures?

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