Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom poster
references Giger's Necronom III?

leading from 

Jurassic World poster (released 18th April 2018) 

a) References Giger's Necronom III (1976) ?

19th April 2018, I suddenly come to see this and have the realisation that the head in Necronom III which I had decided was a type of a vehicle becomes a bubble shaped vehicle from the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom film.

The lower tusk is replaced by some sort of a dinosaur head. However the very intricate tube and ribbing patterns appear to become transformed into the human characters.

At this time Obviously I am on heightened alert because the little while ago I suddenly realised that the poster with the motorbike and the velociraptor head appeared to reference Giger's Necronom I. See Jurassic World poster (2015) references HR Giger's Necronom III ?

Necronom III a

b) Details comparable to man's body.  An eye becomes his eye. What look like a rounded shoulder and head become transformed into his.

c) Nasal ridge patterns comparable to bare area below the neck.

d) Interconnected biomechanic forms becomes the arms

e) Eye bulk becomes the large dinosaur

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