Aliens: Frost's (Ricco Ross) Colonial Marine Armour Chest Plate

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    Frost's (Ricco Ross) Colonial Marine Armour Chest Plate
    ALIENS (1986)
    Frost’s (Ricco Ross) Colonial Marine armour chest plate from James Cameron’s sci-fi action sequel Aliens. PFC Frost and his fellow Colonial Marines wore their camouflaged armour on LV-426 during their search-and-rescue operation. The plate screen-matches to several scenes, including the discovery of the facehuggers in the laboratory, and Frost’s final scenes inside the Xenomorph nest. The Colonial Marine costumes were designed by director James Cameron and Emma Porteus, with the armour created by legendary British armourer Terry English.

    Handcrafted from aluminium, the armour features a unique hand-painted camouflage design in shades of green, brown and grey. The marine’s name is stencilled in black paint below the neck, above a crudely etched arrow-pierced heart and the name “Heath”. A number of green straps and plastic buckles are still present, one of which has separated from the rest of the amour. “Ross” is etched inside the plate. A green patch labelled “Frost” originally from the characters camouflage BDU’s is glued to the inside. The painted surface has been scratched and lightly dented through use and age, revealing the aluminium beneath, and the straps have faded slightly.

    Accompanying the chest plate is a photocopied letter of identification from English, a photocopy of the design, a photocopy of English’s own drawing and a photocopy of a continuity sheet detailing the armour components supplied by English to the production. Dimensions: 14 cm x 42 cm x 45 cm (5 ½” x 16 ½” x 17 ¾”)

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