Moebius : Starwatcher drawing (1987) references Deposition from the Cross (1600-1604) by Caravaggio?

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a)  The a Star watcher drawing by Moebius posted at the Jean Giraud Moebius group on Facebook,
(Posted at Jean Giraud Moebius by Stephane Farinaud I looked at it and suddenly realised that it appeared to ought to have referenced something, and I realised that it matched up near enough with Deposition from the Cross (1600-1604) by Caravaggio that was already on my list.

Starwatcher drawing (1987) by Moebius

"Deposition from the Cross" (1600-1604) by Caravaggio

b) The area of the Caravaggio painting to compare to Moebius' drawing

c) The orange robed man's head becomes the peak and his arm becomes the side flap

d) Head and shoulder of woman looking down  becomes the band with other details going around the hat

 e) Head becomes the front design

f) Shoulder becomes circular form

g) Christ's legs become the backflap

h) The white sheet hanging below Christ's rear becomes the downward angle at the bottom center.

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