Chesley Bonestell

a) See: Chesley Bonestell's "Stone Architecture On Mars, Demonstrating Mars' Two-Thirds Less Gravity Than Earth's"

a. i) Referenced in Mos Eisley cantina standoff by Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars (film released in 1977)? (see link above)

a.ii) Referenced in Alien: Giger 's Life Cycle Hieroglyphics Tableau (1978)? (see link above)


a.iii) Referenced in Giger's Alien planetoid landscape(work 385)? (see link above)

a.iv) Referenced inThe Adventures of Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks by Hergé? (to come)

a.v) References Salvador Dali 's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) from 1954? (to come) References Rhinocerontic Figure of Illisus of Phidias (1954) by Salvador Dali? (to come)

a.vii)  References "Temptation of St Anthony" (1946) by Salvador Dali? (to come)


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