Poster for "Mandy" (2018)

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a) See: A trail of film posters featuring triangles, with glowing pinks and purples etc

b) References Richard Corben's "Bat Out of Hell"?

There was a lot of discussion about the poster for the movie Mandy (released in 2018) directed by Panos Cosmatos.

On September 15th 2018, Guillermo Del Toro on Twitter recommended the film and the following day stated that he had read a lot of discussion about the poster being like the work of Boris Vallejo,
but he decided to compare the choice of colours to Richard Corben's "Bat Out of Hell" album cover released in 1977.
  1. Guillermo Del Toro: MANDY: Crazy. Good. Crazy Good. Gorgeous. See it. (, September 15th 2018)
  2. Guillermo Del Toro: BTW Everyone quotes Boris Vallejo, but MANDY's color is Corben, no? ( September 16th 2018)

b.i) Personal discoveries via Dune and beyond

I came to see the film Mandy, when it came out on Blu-Ray,.

Upon watching it, I had decided that the film maker had been inspired a little by David Lynch's Dune, especially the moments when people in Dune were having hallucinations or Lynch showed people in acts of confusing behaviour.

The choice of colours from the Dune poster and the film in parts worked well in comparison to the Mandy poster  in terms of its pinks, purples and blues. (Connection with the poster was made on 20th of March 2019) although Del Toro's comparison might still apply

Poster for David Lynch's Dune (1984)

b.ii) Looking for Dali

I wondered what the poster might have referenced as artworks by other artists.

The presence of the dark figures made me wonder about shadows from Dali paintings, such as "Metamorphosis of Narcissus", but that didn't work very well.

Strangely enough , on December 24th 2018, I decided to take a look at the illustrations from the "The Illustrated Dune" by John Schoenherr and found one titled "Jessica" that had a certain sense of familiarity about it,

Immediately it looked to me as if it had been referenced parts of that certain Dali painting, transforming them into different things. 

See: "Jessica" from The Illustrated Dune references"The Metamorphosis of Narcissus" by Salvador Dali (1937)?)

b.iii)  Camacho's "The Dream of Sancho" references "Jessica"?

By December 31st, 2018,  looking at the year that "The Illustrated Dune" was released, I noticed that Jorge Camacho's El sueño de Sancho (The dream of Sancho) came out that year and displayed some similarity in shapes and forms, although I should state that Camacho's painting appears to draw ideas from several different paintings.

See:  El sueño de Sancho (The dream of Sancho) (1978) Jorge Camacho references "Jessica" from The Illustrated Dune, (1978) by John Schoenherr?

b.iv)  "Mandy" poster references "Jessica"?

By January 1st, 2019, I came to decide that somehow the poster artist for "Mandy" had referenced
John Schoenherr's "Jessica" illustration ?

See: "Mandy" poster references "Jessica" from The Illustrated Dune (1979) by John Schoenherr ?

b.v)  "Mandy" poster references Camacho's "The Dream of Sancho"

Also on the same day, with that I came to decide that the poster artist for Mandy had taken elements from both the Dune illustration and the Camacho painting in terms of how they related with one another and transformed them into images from the film.

See: "Mandy" poster references Jorge Camacho's El sueño de Sancho (The dream of Sancho) (1978)?

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