The Predator: Kyle Brown's Predator Hybrids

leading from
The Predator (2018)

a) Predator hound 

The ribcage is exaggerated near enough in a biomechanical way and there is some side ribbing along the head, but in a limited way, one could put it down to influence from Giger
  • kylebrowndesign Another early pass at the Predator Dog/Hound for Shane Black’s #thepredator (2018). This would be a creature fused with predator DNA. Such a blast to work on at ASC.  ( January 11th 2019

b) Menagerie mutant
Done for Shane Black's The Predator. Perhaps the last pieces of art that Kyle Brown worked on, this is part of the Predator's menagerie of hybrid creatures.

It resembled a mutation that had gone wrong and so it's body appeared in Kyle's mind to have an asymmetrical quality to its designs.

He kept the textures of the classic predator to and imagined it cross with a game animal from another planet

With its eyeless face it immediately echoes the Predalien idea from the Alien Vs Predator films

One Mr Jeff D Butler-Garnham on Facebook had decided that it resembled the Cooper alien from JJ Abram's Super 8 movie, which I knew was designed by Neville Page.

I took at look at the Cooper alien design, and the front legs and the multi-limbed nature of the entity seemed to be similar to the Cooper alien despite other differences.

  • ADI:“Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s early drafts of the script for The Predator called for a menagerie of alien creatures to break free from the crashed Predator spaceship. The idea was that a rogue group of Predators would extract DNA for their own use from a diverse group of specimens collected from across the galaxy.” (
  • kylebrowndesign: One ugly mutha fu—- another design, and I believe one of the last ones I got to work on. Part of the Predator’s menagerie of hybrid creatures. This one was a little bit more of a mutation gone wrong, a bit more A-symmetrical in its design. Kept the textures of the classic predator to sync the different species together. Done for Shane Black’s The Predator (2018) at @aaronsimscreative.(Jan 11th 2019

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