HR Giger: The Spell IV references Fritz Lang's Metropolis?

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HR Giger's The Spell IV (1977)

a) On the 12th July 2015, it immediately strook me about this painting, that the way the woman is held up in the air as a pale figure who might as well have been a circus performer doing a show and then it brings me to cast my mind mind back to a scene in Fritz Lang's 1927 movie Metropolis where as a stage set piece, the female robot disguised as a human woman does her dance as the whore of Babylon. 

Giger's painting was completed in 1977 which would have been the fifty years after Fritz Lang's movie. 

So there went the flow of thoughts.  

There are seven serpentine forms that would be the serpentine heads of the seven headed beast, the seventh in this case lurks in the very back of the mid right of the painting as several forms merged into one behind the three snakes. 

However in Giger's paintings the tongues flames streaming out from either side of her seat become transformed into the serpents. 

In the illustration in the film, it seems as if the two tongues of flame on the left were the horns of the most prominent serpent at the front, and a few of these heads had two horns each. 

It might have served Giger with the inspiration to imagine a Baphomet taking centre place.

b) A vast basin holds the seven headed beast upon which she sits, and one of the bearers who are the seven deadly sins, is a woman exposing a breast. 

However Giger perhaps, puts its head in the place of Baphomet's own breast and transforms the figure into the imp holding a hand grenade in that place, while sitting on Baphomet's lap.

c) The bone framework architecture in that case might be loosely reminiscent of the towering skyscrapers of Metropolis at the side but turned into bone, as can be found in the other paintings of the series. And perhaps the metal girder upon which the Baphomet sits was roughly inspired by the bridges going between the buildings. Angular parts sticking out of the central building could also have set off the association with a pentagram in Giger's mind.

d) Inverted pentagram in Metropolis
Behind the seat of the android, there is a large inverted pentagram in the background on the wall. And also an upright pentagram on the doorway of the house of the man who creates the android

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