"Dogman in Doktor Oktorpus Nonplussed" from p 28 of Dennis Gifford's Ally Slopper #1 (1976) drawn by Hunt Emerson references the Betty Hill star map?

leading from

a) An interesting comic book Ally Sloper made a brief appearance in the 1976 and #1 contained a Dogman story illustrated by Hunt Emerson.

It struck me one day, looking at the first panel that I somehow I was looking at the Betty Hill star map as seen by her in a flying saucer abduction in the 1960s aboard one of these spacecrafts

b) A realisation came from somewhere else that what I was looking at in the comic book story was something based on a starmap and the Betty Hill one is a famous that might interest Underground culture.

c) So the part of the map with the strong lines has been transformed into the Dogman character

d) The nonconnected star briefly assumed to be Fomalhaut along the fold becomes the nose while the division between the two pages becomes the dog's philtrum and the division between the two front teeth

e) Zeta I and II reticuli become the main torso and I suppose the lower part of the mouth.

With that the hand around the spheres becomes stripe going around his belly with the D logo for Dogman

f) The star to the right considered by Marjorie Fish to be Alpha Mensa becomes the elbow becomes the elbow

g) Diagonal row of stars from above right to bottom left becomes the knitting needle,  

The one assumed to be Gliese 86 becomes the end of the knitting needle,  the star briefly assumed to be Fomalhaut becomes dogman's nose

Marjorie Fish decided that the lower left star was Gliese 86, and the one that was briefly assumed to be Fomalhaut we can see which one becomes the nose.

If the point of the needle is our solar system , then the ear overlapping the kneedle would be 82 Eridani

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