Independence Day: Earlier version of the Independence Day/ID4 alien suit drawing by Patrick Tatopoulos references "Oro lindo, Le Peuple de la danse" (1993) from the Rumba portfolio, by Jean Giraud/Moebius?

a) Earlier sketch of the Independence Day Alien (The Suit) by Patrick Tatopoulos (source Internet)

 b) "Oro lindo, Le Peuple de la danse" (1993) from the Rumba portfolio by Jean Giraud/ Moebius.

c) Comparable areas:  Line of circles along upper torso becomes the single circle on the arm

d) Comparable areas: The shadow under the arm of the right dancer becomes the shadow under the curve below the spike coming from the front of the biomechanoid

e) Comparable areas:  Upper line of the leg of the left dancer becomes the biomechanoid's raised arm on the left. Left figure's arm on the leg becomes the biomechanoid's raised hand

f) Comparable areas: The curve between the left dancer's groin and its upper leg, becomes the curved groove running along the biomechanoid's torso from lower left to upper right

g) Comparable areas:  The upper legs of the right dancer become biomechanoid's the lower arm on the right going across the illustration

h) Comparable areas: The left dancers's head becomes the front of the biomechanoid's head. The  tip of the back of the right dancer's head is about as far back as the fan behind the biomechanoid's head stretches

i) Comparable area: The dancers' lower legs on the right of the image becomes the biomechanoids upper legs. The dancer's foot on the left becomes the lower up of the alien's upper left leg, and the right foot becomes the lower alien's leg on the right

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