Alien: Egg Silo (work 378) for Alien (1978) by HR Giger references The Nativity by Guido da Siena (1270)?

 leading from

a) Egg Silo exterior

378: Egg Silo exterior (uploaded by me, taken from Giger's Alien)

b) The Nativity (1270s) Guido da Siena

On Monday 16th 2020, someone named Diane O'Bannon posted a comment for the Nativity Scene painting in its place in this album saying "She’s sitting in a giant brown boob!".  

Of course people can see these paintings and have many different ideas being set off in their heads, but what Diane had said set off my mind with associations.
I already had the idea some time earlier that Giger had seen the painting and then I suddenly thought about the breast shaped silo. 
(See: HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape I (1976): Integration of a 13th century nativity scene)

Continuing with this trail of thought, then perhaps the shape of the Virgin Mary's cocoon like bed has been transformed into the fossilised Cthulhu like entity on the far left.

  1. Diane O'Bannon :" She’s sitting in a giant brown boob! (Facebook, Monday 16th 2020,
The Nativity by Guido da Siena 1270s

c) Right angel wings and ruin of rear egg silo.


d) The Mary cocoon shape and the fossilised Cthulhu

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