Alien: Storyboard of Space Jockey skeleton embedded in the rock by Ridley Scott references Resurrection of Christ (1424) by Master Franke?

leading from

a) Alien: scene 56 ext.planet ridleygram for Alien "They move off: we see a skeleton" (1978) by Ridley Scott

b) Master Francke's Resurrection of Christ (1430)

c) The helmet sticking up from behind the tomb lid becomes one pinnacle, the curve of the cloak as it goes over Jesus's shoulder becomes the second pinnacle, while Jesus's head becomes the third pinnacle.


d) Sleeping soldier becomes the skull of the dead pilot's remains, while the sheet overlapping tomb lid becomes a rock formation

e) Dark shapes become helmet visors

e.i) Dark shapes become helmet visors

e.ii) Dark shapes become helmet visors

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